Even when you come from a somewhat healthy family, relationships take a great deal of effort. Relationships with your family members, friends, children, and your mate, all hard work. Yet, if your desire is for them to work, it takes hard work. Sometimes we don’t know how unhealthy our thinking is until we join ourselves together in a close relationship. I’m going to narrow this down and just talk about marriage right now. Here are just 5 of many things you can do to have  (or keep ) a healthy thriving marriage.

1) READ PLENTY OF BOOKS: Marriage is many things, and one of those things is, a life long partnership. If you are going to do it successfully, you really need to obtain all the information you can get on it. Sometimes, reading about problems that you don’t have can prevent them from being a problem in your marriage. If you are not into reading books, then buy the book on audio when it’s available! But there’s no getting around it, you have to read. What if you never read the bible? How would you know how much God loves you and the promises He has for His children? Read, learn, and grow! Your brain is a muscle you know, work it out! (At the bottom of this blog you can find a list of great books my husband and I have read).

2) SEEK A MENTOR: They are the older people who have walked the path that you need to walk. (Older in age or older in marriage years). Sometimes you have mentors in your family. Just as long as they are someone you look up to and respect. I have about 4 of them. Mothers in the faith is what I call them. Each one serves a different purpose and I love the wisdom that they pass on to me. (They tell me about myself too) lol.

3) PRAY FOR GOD TO SEND YOU A ACCOUNTABILITY PARTNER: This isn’t someone who won’t tell you the truth when you need to hear it. It can be a friend, but I often look to others as well because sometimes friends rather not hurt your feelings by being totally honest. Also, when God sends a person across our path to hold us accountable in our weak areas, we have to be open to hear and receive, other wise there won’t be any growth and our marriages can remain  (or become) unhealthy.

4) LISTEN TO ONLINE OR POD-CAST MESSAGES THAT ARE FOCUSED ON MARRIAGE: My favorite is “Family Life Today”. It has so many topics on all things and anything! I love it. It has been so helpful to me in my marriage. You can tune in on the radio (AM), or you can go to their website and chose topics for yourself. Messages and countless articles just waiting to bless you!

5) SEEK  OUTSIDE HELP: I would refer anyone to “Heart Mission Therapy Services”. It’s affordable and worth it. Sometimes people feel like going to seek help looks bad and says you are a mess. But I have come to realize that it takes a smart person to reach out. You have to love yourself enough, and be strong enough to say, “Look, we need help”. Click the link to find out more.