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I’ve seen the way they look at you,

I know it feels nice.

But they picture you as a target, something they can purchase at a price.

I hear what they say to you, I know it makes you feel right.

But they only want you as their pleaser, not as a wife.

The attention can be addictive, so each time you dress a little less.

Showing off your privates, you are trying your very best.

But don’t you desire someone’s all, please don’t settle for less.

The other night I was out working at a party and when I was leaving and packing up my car I saw things that hurt my heart! The wind was blowing, the rain and snow were falling fast from the sky, and the cold was in the night air. Guys and girls were coming into their Halloween party, but only the girls were dressed up in costume. The guys had on their boots, jeans, hats, and coats, (they looked warm). The ladies however were coming in with fish net stockings and body suits that looked like skimpy bathing suits. Everything was exposed except for their Vajay-jays! They looked cold and stupid (I’m sorry but they did). I thought to myself, even if I wanted to pull this look off I would have waited until I arrived and took off my outer layers in a bathroom or something, car or not. So as I stood there waiting for this car to unblock me and move I had a chance to see all these ladies walk in and all the guys respond. Later I came up with the poem you see above.

So ladies, all ladies (CHRISTIANS I’m Talking to YOU as well) that dress in a provocative way I’M NOT JUDGING YOU and this isn’t intended to cause you to feel bad about yourself, but the exact opposite. I know the attention and the stares feel like love but it isn’t. It may make you feel loved and valued, but in most men’s minds, the last thing he wants to do is treat you with value. Even fully dressed women get their hearts broken, so I’m in no way saying that dressing less is a full proof promised heart-break, and dressing covered promises you a great man. But dressing better will help you to demand respect. You won’t attract all sorts of no goods and crazy types because you will give off a vibe that you can’t be bought or tricked. Be safe today ladies and by all means keep your legs closed until you are married and don’t let anyone TRICK you for YOUR TREATS!