This goes out to everyone, guys and girls a like. At times it will seem like I’m mostly talking to females and that’s because for the most part a guy will look for a woman to be his friend first when he’s ready to settle down.

At any rate, I find that for the most part a female will be willing to make any man her husband, but not so much are the guys doing the same. So I insist that you allow this thought to enter into your mind. Becoming friends with someone first allows you to get to know them and see if they are even a fit for you. If a guy is asking to date you when he doesn’t even know you, (not to mention trying to lay you down on the 1st night) it sounds like his plans are already mapped out. Just think about it. How can someone want or desire a relationship with you when they don’t even know you? But if they ask for your number in a friendly way and say we should hang out sometimes, well that can be cool. But you can tell the difference in the way you are being asked if it’s about friendship or something else. It’s all in the eyes :-).

Lastly, there isn’t anything wrong with letting your new friend know where you are and you should ask them as well. If you are at a place in your life where you are ready to settle down, then say so! It’s not pressure, its reality. And the reality is, if they walk away because of that, then that’s good for you! Let’s say they tell you that they are not in that same place in their life at the time, it’s at that point that you can know not to expect anything in the love/relationship department. And no you can’t change their mind, only God and that person can change their mind.

Ok, so that’s it, I just wanted to keep it short, to the point and sweet! Thanks for reading, and don’t forget, you can ask me anything! In private or on this post!

Have fun friending!