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Unique James is a strong black woman in most people’s eyes. She’s an
Entrepreneur and doesn’t let anything stop her from living out her dreams…well
most of them. She walks the streets of Harlem with her head held high, but as
she gets closer to home, sadness starts to creep in. Home means pain,
depression, abuse, and Emmanuel, the lover that waits for her arrival. Escaping
his control seems impossible. Yet, the longer she stays, the more she dies
inside because loving him means not loving herself.
When tragedy and betrayal
hit Unique dead in the face as she lies in a hospital bed, she believes that she

has to do something. Her life at one point seemed to be normal, until Dr. Sharp
came along, now she questions everything, even her reasons to live.
No one ever promised Unique love would be easy, but how will she ever know for sure?
And what will it cost her to find out?

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