How many of us go around talking about how we are not perfect and we know that no human being is perfect either? Well everyone that has lived long enough can see that right? So let me ask this; why is it that we expect our relationships with our friends to be? Why do we put so many expectations on a person who is bound to hurt us one day? There is a difference between an enemie and a friend. All too many times we find out that the people who we thought were our friends, don’t even truly like us. I’m not speaking of them in this case. I’m talking about the people who have proven their friendship time and time again. They have been there for us, called us, supported us, and so on. Then when you get let down, you base the whole relationship on that one incident of pain. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not suggesting that you let anyone walk all over you, but I am saying that when you are disappointed, you should talk about it with your friend so that you guys can move past it. That’s what friends do, and that should be your only real expectation, that you both be friends.

Friends come and go for different reasons and seasons, I’ve had a lot, and lost a lot too, but I’ve learned and grown with each one and I hope you are doing the same! BE HEALTHY!