So I’m out there in the networking world again and someone asked this question”

“I finally have the opportunity to join the fraternity of my dreams which means I’m out very late some nights. My wife told me that since she has to sacrifice her time with me, she is on strike and not giving me any good loving until I can spend time with her. Isn’t she wrong for that?”
 Signed, My wife is trippin”

This is what I said:

If a woman doesn’t feel connected to you emotionally, then in a lot of cases when you have sex with her she feels used! If you don’t take the time to romance her (all the time isn’t necessary) and all she gets from you are random quickies and pop up sex request, she wont feel drawn to you. You may look at her as wrong for not giving up the stuff, but you have to meet her half way and give up the stuff that gets her juices flowing! MAN up and romance her and she will forget to put on her panties!

Also I want to add that this mans question is only coming from HIS prospective! so I would have to hear the wife’s side of the story to honestly say who’s really wrong. I do think if he is making her his #1 priority (AS HE SHOULD) and she is just being a spoiled brat, then she is way out-of-order and in sin! but like I said, we only get his side of the story so…

Another question that comes to mind is, how old is this dude! If he is like 35 on up trying to live out his early 20’s, I think he may be the one tripping. Do they have children at home? There are a lot of details that are left out here, so an answer to this question is considered inapplicable until more details and the wife’s voice is heard. Sometimes people ask questions in a way that will get the answer they want to hear in return. They state things in a way of how they view them and leave out things that may be important for a proper answer. If he is in school and studying the other nights, then working, then hanging, then what ever else, she could very well feel neglected. If he wanted a full life of freedom, maybe he should have thought about that before he dedicated his life to someone. By all means do things that make you happy and complete while understanding that a successful marriage is built on compromise (among other things).