First off, I want to say that this is for married couples ONLY. If you are not , the only sex advice I have for you is enjoy it when you get married and that’s all.

Now, on to what this is about. Some married people fake it, some lie and say they like it when they don’t, some don’t speak up when they want to change things up, and some cry “HEADACE!” Then you have some that don’t think it’s that important and neglect it, some that use it to get what they want or to have their way. Some cut up and use it as a tool to gain control and on and on and on it goes. This is insane and destructive. Sex is meant to be enjoyed, and if you are not enjoying it inside of your marriage you HAVE to, and MUST talk about it. A husband might hate hearing that he’s not doing something right, but he has to know. He needs to know so he can fix whats wrong and the same goes for women. Sex is good because you work at it, not just because. And it may have been perfect in the beginning, but you add some children to the mix, some bills, and jobs, and life stressors and your sex life can be affected by your mood and fall off. Sooooooo, find some books, articles, and or help, and MAKE IT RIGHT!