Life is busy, I get that and know all about it first hand. But if you make a commitment to be a persons friend, the relationship won’t grow if you don’t feed it. Having a few close friends in your circle will help you to be the best “You” you can be! That’s providing the people in your circle are positive and mean you well. I hope that’s the case and that’s where I’m coming from.
 With so many forms and methods of communication today, friends really don’t have an excuse. The excuse of “I’m so busy” is just that, an excuse. I’m in no way suggesting that anyone make their friends a priority over God, husband, and children, but if a relationship is important to you , you really do have to nurture it if you intend for it to survive. People make time for what they really want to do and make plans to be places that they really want to be. I don’t care if you have five children at home and a sick husband, if you were told that you could have a free shopping spree at the super market, all you can put into your carts and you had 45 minutes to do so, you’d make it wouldn’t you? Well if you were smart! If a local college offered you 10,000.00 to take a class for one week and all you had to do when it was completed was write a two page report on the class, you’d make time for that wouldn’t you? (I’d hope) Oh course! That’s beneficial isn’t it. Well so is investing your time into close friendships. They enrich your lives more than you can imagine.

A Healthy close friendship has trust, loyalty, communication, forgiveness, understanding, and mutual interest. You won’t have that with a bunch of people, but having it with three different people is more than a blessing! So is two, because depending on your emotional needs, 2 can feel like 3 and 3 can feel like 2. But 1 wont be enough because that friend may become over whelmed. Ok, my point has been made I believe, so now I want to close and offer you some helpful ideas on how you can pour into and preserve your close friendships so that everyone wins!

* Set a date once a month to do something you both love

* Plan a day to sit on the phone and catch up and share

* Send a text just to say I’m thinking of you

* Mail a card

* email an e-card (you can set it up to send off more than 1 for future dates)

* work out together

* set play dates with your kids together

* send a letter or email to let your friend know whats up with you

* call or meet up for prayer

* use Facebook to stay in touch

These are just a few, I’d love to hear your ideas if you want to share. Thank you for reading and have fun being friends!