Bestie isn’t just a term that teenagers
use, although I do believe they started it. What I have come to learn is that it really means many different things to many different people. Sometimes we have the same idea in mind when it comes to the definition of a bestie, but too often many don’t and this leads to disappointments. I think that it’s unwise to give someone this title unless they approve of it first. You may experience all of the emotions that confirm in your heart that a certain person is your best friend, but that person could just view you as someone they mentor. Just like in a “love” relationship, if the woman sees a man as her future husband yet, the man views her as a booty call that he must lie to and deceive so that he can continue to get the booty, who always ends up hurt here? It’s important to ask and talk things out with your friend when you want to take it up a notch so that you can come to some agreement.

Talk about expectations and discuss boundaries. These things don’t mean an intimate friendship isn’t present. “Anything goes because you are my best friend” means an unhealthy friendship is present.

Also, just like family, your friend will hurt you. The closer you are to them, the greater the pain. Not that they set out to do it, but we all mess up even on our best day. If you are in the relationship for the right reasons, being hurt should not cause you to run and feel as though you have been crushed by your bestest friend in the world. Friendship is deep, but it’s worth it!