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I will not apologize, and I don’t have any regrets. I fell in love with the woman who God created and she is beautiful! She is good, God said so and I believe Him!
 Who is this lady that I fell in love with some time ago? That would be me! Often people mistake my confidence and self-worth as something other than love. Pride and conceitedness are not beyond me, but they are not my weakness, condemnation and self-hatred is.
I found out a while ago that God expects that we will love ourselves, so that’s what I did and that’s where I’m at.
If I seem stuck up to you, it’s because you have no clue as to who I am.
If I seem like a little “know it all” then you don’t realize that wisdom is given to those who ask, not just me.
 If it seems like I’m too into myself because I take tons of pictures, you just don’t know that its healthy growth and I use to hate the way that I looked!
So to all of my people who have struggled with or still struggle with low-to-NO- self-esteem, LOVE ON YOU like never before. No one (BUT GOD) will be able to love you better!