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Hate is such a strong word isn’t it? Well there is something I hate even more than EGGS! That is when a parent or parents have more than one child and puts the heavy load of parenting onto the older children! It’s not fair, it’s not right, and it should be a law against it. I do believe everyone in the house hold needs to have their fair share of chores and responsibilities, yet I believe parents are going over board in making their children feel guilty if they don’t want to help RAISE KIDS THAT THEY DIDNT HAVE. It’s even worse when there is only one parent in the home.

I’m sure you may be confused if you are a little taken a back by my words already, so let me explain. A mother has 4 children and she is over worked and really tired (every day). The older child has to help the younger kids get dressed, walk them to school, pick them up after wards, and babysit until mom gets home. Now just because mom is home doesn’t mean that child gets a break! Now they have to go to the store and make sure dinner is fixed too! Now that might not be the case everyday, but if it’s most days out of the week it’s too much! Children need to be children. They need to be responsible for helping out like a child, but not like a replacement parent. You had the children and it’s your responsibility to…

*change their pamper

*wash their clothes

*put them to sleep

*feed them their bottle

* get real child care

* entertain them

* make sure they are safe

* ensure they get education

* clean them, dress them, how about this…keep an eye on them


(Asking the oldest to help out from time to time isn’t what I’m referring to. Demanding it, and leading the child to believe it’s  what has to be done is wrong).

A lot of people grow up without any understanding of their rights and their boundaries because they are raised to believe they are responsible for their whole family. Then when you try to encourage them to make decisions, they fail to make good ones that will benefit themselves and try to carry the load of “What’s best for everyone”. I am in no way saying that we should be selfish and every man for himself, but what I am saying is children should not be raised with the mindset that they have to take care of children that are not their responsibility. Sometimes it decreases their ability to grow to have healthy boundaries in relationships! Ok, I’m done, parents if you are not in this category then I applaud you, but if you are, all I ask is that you pick up a book on this topic, and relearn what you may have been mis-taught!

Thank you for reading