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Attention to all the extra sexy bad girls that dress to get attention. I know you long for a mans eyes to follow every inch of your body and want you in ways that are beyond sex. But dressing the way that you do and acting wild, drunk, and easy will surely attract men, but it won’t keep not one of them. A real man only desires a freak in private. A man who is looking for a wife isn’t looking to someone who is loose and nasty every where she’s at. I don’t need proof, this is a known fact. Just ask any REAL MAN and he’ll tell you.
 Clubbing, smoking, drinking, cussing, loud and disrespectful conversations isnt lady like nor is it cute. The guys that seem to be turned on by this and who applaud you for these types things are not looking to take you home to their mothers. (If they even respect their mothers) I am not coming from a place of judgement ladies, I use to do these things myself. And guess what I attracted? Well lets just say it wasn’t love (for more details read my current book). My heart wanted love but I was going about it the wrong way and I didn’t have many people in my circle to educate me on how I was messing up my own game plan. I know you want a “BAD BOY”, they seem sexy right. But the truth is they won’t change 9 times out of 10. Learn from your past relationship and stop doing the same things when they keep giving you the same results! Fall in love with your creator (become a Christian if you are not already) and listen to your Daddy when He tells you the type of man you may not “deserve” but He will bless you with any way. Take it from me!