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I was thinking again…and what I was thinking about were the women who call themselves Christians (some of them actually are) and go around sleeping with married men. Sin is sin and the fornicators are no better than these women, but what had me baffled was that some of them may actually think that the guy is a good catch! Either he will NEVER leave his wife for you, or he will leave and almost always do the same thing to you. See, he may explain that the reason he is cheating is because his wife “won’t”, “ain’t”, or “doesn’t any more”. This is a load of crap if he is blaming her for his sin. Maybe in some cases the wife did fall off the wagon, but that still doesn’t justify his behavior. The man is sinning against God and has his own personal issues. A man who wavers in his love and commitment to his own GOD isn’t that trust worthy, so you really need to step away before you destroy your whole life! It’s so sad that these things need to be said, but they really do. If you are reading this and it doesn’t apply to you, than I’m so glad! If you are reading this and know of someone it does apply to, please send them this link. If you are reading this and it applies to you, yet you refuse to be convicted and remain in your sin, please question your salvation.
Thank you for listening.