So, I always wanted friends. Friends to me meant that I was loved enough to be chosen. For as long as I can remember, having a friend, not even just a friend but a best friend meant more to me that most things. At times in my life, I considered girls as my best friend who just viewed me as a good friend, or even just a friend. But as I matured and grew, I realized that true friends were not what most of them were in the first place. See true friends do not back bite and plan your fall. They do not hate you in private and smile at you in public.
A real friend is hard to find. I now know that if you just have 2 or 3 then you are beyond blessed!

Many times we meet people and are so impressed with who they are, what they do, how they carry them selves, or just their personality. Instantly we want to become close to them for whatever reason. We think in our minds that if we love on them and/or serve them and/or tell them intimate things and/or give gifts that we can win their friendship. In some cases that has and may work, but for the most part it does not. Most people don’t come right out and say “Hey I really wanted to get to know you better and I was hoping we could be really close friends. Do you have ROOM in your life right now for that, or do you even desire the same?” It seems like an odd question to ask someone, but it’s the question we are asking in our minds when we attempt to befriend  them. So what am I saying here? I am saying, that instead of trying to win over someone, just come out and let them know what you desire and you can save yourself some heartache. Just because someone doesn’t want to be close friends with you doesn’t mean anything is wrong with you either. It just means that it’s not a fit. If God intends for you guys to come together, that person will feel a tug on their heart until they obey.

Now this other thing I wanted to discuss was the people who come along that God wants us to ONLY minister and be a light unto. If we mistake these missions and try to develop a friendship, we can often be let down. There are times when a friendship can come out of a ministry mission, and there are times when it’s really only supposed to be about you sharing what ever it is that God intends for you to share and keep it moving. Staying in prayer about the people you encounter will help you to know who’s who.

In closing , everyone that you admire and love is not necessarily supposed to be your close friends so be grateful for the ones that you have and cherish them.