Answer me this…How come people will sit under a millionaire and listen to how he became a millionaire because they want to become a millionaire, but many women who desire to be married fail to take advice from the women who are married? They pretend to have most of the answers as they say, “I’m waiting on the Lord!” They may have even begun to believe that statement is true! 39 years old and still waiting; have you ever thought that maybe you have pushed away and rejected some of the men God has sent your way? Looking at someone’s husband and saying to yourself, “that’s the type of man I desire”, yet, you have no clue who that man is behind closed doors.       I have tried to show, teach, educate, and mentor many single ladies and they have rejected my advice as if it be-little’s them to listen. Look, you have a desire to be married; it’s not shameful, ungrateful, or desperate! It is the way it is because God created you with the desire (if you have it). Sure God does the sending, leading, guiding, and so on, but do you think you just sit on the couch eating ice cream and the man of your dreams comes knocking at your door with a ring? That’s silly right? Just as doing those same things and expecting to obtain a job, you would never think of such! When you are seeking the perfect job for yourself it looks like dedication doesn’t it? You may go to school and get a degree so that the job you choose to make a career out of is something you love! Then, with your degree, you’d go online looking, researching, you’d probably even read the paper, ask friends, and go out to job fairs, and on and on. You’d never once say, “Well God if you really want me to have a job, You will send me one”, as you sit back and do nothing?                                                                                       

So what am I saying here ladies? Am I suggesting that you go out looking for your man and when you see someone who may work for you, you approach him and ask for his number? No, never that! What I am saying is read a book, ask questions and listen to women who had the same dream and desire as you have and get some tips. When you interview for a job you dress the part, don’t you? You put your best out there don’t you? So every time you leave your house, look like you are going on an interview (not a dress or suit, just presentable). Yes, the man of your dreams does care about what you look like. Don’t say, “Well if he’s a real man of God and if he really loves me, he will just accept me as I am.” That’s like saying he has no job and no plans of getting one and you need to just accept him as he is! Not likely right? So dress the part! Also, remember I said you can’t just sit on the couch; you have to get out and do something’s? Well, this means more than church, school, and work. True some people have only gone to church and their husband has approached them, but if that’s not working for you dear maybe you should try other things. Now I can hear people saying, “I’m not going out to this or that just to be looking for a husband!” Well why not? You’d do it for a job, and I have news for you… husbands are far more rewarding than jobs and they tend to last longer! And besides that, it’s not like you have to wear a sign around your neck saying you are looking! You have a God-given desire to be married so you should place yourself out there in places to be seen. How can someone ever purchase that perfect item for their home if it stays in the stock room and never makes it to the shelves? Women will go out of their way for so many things, yet, when it comes to marriage some sit back and wait when they could be standing in wait. The women that are standing up in the crowd are seen, the women that sit can get over looked, I’m just saying.

         So you know all those engagements you turn down because you are too depressed to go out? You know all those events you refuse to attend because your job or school work has you boggled down? You know all those people you brush off when they suggest hooking you up with someone they know? These are possible interviews that you have rejected? Who refuses a job when they don’t have one and it’s the job they have been looking for? I hope not you!

        Well this can go on and on and on, but I’m choosing to end here. I will have a workshop soon on this topic, I doubt many will come, but that’s ok. If one brave woman wants to learn, I will give whatever wisdom God has blessed me with freely.