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So many children are being molested and sexually abused. Too many times no one finds out until the damage is already done. Sadly a lot of this goes on right under our unexpected noses. We have talks with our children and we trust that they will tell us if any harm is being done to them, yet their abuser is having talks with them too. Talks that remind them if they utter a word, someone is going to be seriously hurt, or even killed! With that being said, protect your child by being a detective, ALWAYS ASK, and ALWAYS CHECK! What does checking look like? Well sometimes children are abused by their own siblings, so once in a while hide in their closet or under their bed. Does that sound like a bit much? Well if you were to find something awful going down you would not regret that you did this.

Randomly come into your child(s) room(s) on the late night. And another tip is to not have locks on their doors until they are about 13 years old.

Always ask, always check…

* It doesn’t matter if you have had several talks with them

* It doesn’t matter if you live in a Christian home

* It doesn’t matter if you don’t believe your children wouldn’t lie to you

* It doesn’t matter if it doesn’t appear to be going on

* It doesn’t matter if you don’t think your son would harm his sibling

* It doesn’t matter if your child shows no signs (in your opinion) of being abused

* It doesn’t matter if it happened to you, and because of that you believe you would know if something was going on

* It doesn’t matter if you have known their babysitter for years

* It doesn’t matter if they are two boys and two girls (children have been molested by same-sex siblings)

* It doesn’t matter if you have asked before and they tell you, “No”, no can turn into a, “yes’ later

Protect your children as much as possible, and if something were to happen at least you can say at the end of the day that you done all you could to prevent it.