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He’s a Christian

He’s a man

He has needs

He has plans.

He says he wants a wife, is that really what he means?

Possible mates are all around him, has he not seen?

He’s handsome and smart, has a great job too

He can really have whom ever he wants; does he even have a clue?

What’s he looking for; does he know how to choose?

What does he hope to find? Does he even know?

He says, “A godly wife,” while 35 of them walk right by him out the church door!

He’s mature, he’s established, yet he’s still “waiting” on “The One”.

The real deal is he’s single, and being WANTED is just fun!

Another conversation with one of my single sisters has inspired me to write something on this topic.

My hopes are to expose this issue and possibly get some feed back from the single brothers that say they desire to be married.

I can quickly give you ten names of women that I know that are beautiful, smart, nice, and most of all walking in Christianity.

Women that I consider to be awesome examples of a Proverbs 31 woman. Although many of us will state that we don’t measure up

to her, we have to remember that she was full of sin when she was born as well. So lighten up ladies, and believe that you are striving as she was,

(receive if it applies).

Now, like I was saying, these women are waiting. Waiting on the guy to step up and ask them can they get to know each other better, (be friends)!

They are not just going to work and then straight into the house. They are out, fellowshipping, ministering, and being busy doing Kingdom work.

They are being brave, while surrounding themselves around people who constantly want to know, (and have the nerve to ask), “Why aren’t you married yet?”

I hate this question! It’s not like she can walk up to a possible candidate and say, “Look James, I’ve been thinking about asking you for your number and out on a date, what do you say?”

We are told in the Holy Scriptures that we are to be chased, we are to wait. So, although we as women are go getter’s, and go get everything else we want, (most of the time) waiting

for the man to approach us is how we play our part in the match up.

I’m only saying we because I can still identify with the agony and pain of WAITING. My husband made me wait for four long months! No, the truth is, before he even came along I was waiting.

So by the time he came into my life (again), I was all waited out! There were men in and out of my life (all claiming to be Christian, only God knows), but they were not right. There was, Mr. you gotta speak in tongues too, Mr. let’s get into marriage counseling with the pastor while I cheat on you and get someone else pregnant, Mr. I’m looking for a wife and I think you are her (only until I get your pants off), and Mr. so passive that I won’t even approach you! So I had to wait! Others may brush me off because I was married by the time I was 28, and my husband didn’t take long to propose to me, but trust me when I tell you that I understand!

I know what it’s like to know in the debts of your soul that a man finds you attractive, yet he will not approach you.

I know what it’s like to get passed by, while the guy you’ve been praying about chooses the better looking girl.

I know what it’s like to have a guy approach you, tell you he believes you are his wife, then steals the stuff (you allowed it!) that you was supposed to keep for your husband, and then walks away!

I know what it’s like to look at yourself and try to fix everything that you think could be keeping this man from desiring you.

I know what it’s like to cry out to God in prayer, while being confused. Are you called to singleness or not?

I know what it’s like to wish and pray the desire goes away, because it’s becoming too painful to hope. I know.

So, to the Christian men (older and younger) what do you really want! You say out of your mouth that it’s more important that your wife be godly, yet, I still have

so many GODLY SINGLE friends in my circle. I am no fan of marrying someone you are not physically attracted to, but I do know that sometimes when looks are too important,

you can be either fooled, or lonely for a long time. Looks don’t mean jack when you are 10 years into a marriage having the most heated argument of the century! That person that

was once so fine, can become so ugly in your eyes within seconds!

Ok, I’m going to take a breath right now, (even though there is so much more I can say). Please let me know your thoughts and opinions everyone! And, keep praying and dreaming, because God does answer!