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When a tick first attaches its self to your neck it feels good. Its makes you so happy that someone admires and adores you, so much so that they have latched on to you. No boundaries were set, and no real questions were asked. You just let things go along as they may. Now as the Tick is doing what it does, you start to feel weak, hurt, and drained. You discover they are SUCKING THE LIFE RIGHT OUT OF YOU slowly, but surely. In a panic, you try to separate yourself from the Tick by pulling it off of you, only to realize it’s so much apart of you that to remove it would be painful to yourself! Oh this cute little Tick is getting everything it needs from you to survive and isn’t giving you anything back. Soon there will be a death if things remain this way, but it won’t be the Tick that dies. So the question is this: will you remove the Tick and endure the temporary pain involved during that process so that you may save yourself? Or, will you continue to allow it to drain you until there’s nothing left? And then, when you’re all empty and have nothing left for the Tick, it will GO latch on to a new victim? What will you do?