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1. You sacrifice so much for them that it hurts.
2. You put their needs (not wants) above your own and trust God to supply yours.
3.You are not in the relationship to have only YOUR needs and desires satisfied.
4.When you find out you hurt them, it’s more important to apologize for hurting them than it is to argue you’re right (even if you are). You wait until the proper time to explain.
5. When they mess up, you do not give them what they deserve.
6. You still love them even when their love has failed you at the time.
7. Please understand that I am in no way saying that we neglect ourselves. I believe it is impossible for us to truly love anyone, unless we first love ourselves.

There is more, but I’ll end here.
And how do you know if someone truly loves you? They do the same! Because LOVE is an action word, it is possible to love someone today and not be loving towards them tomorrow. The man or woman who loves their spouse but cheats, isn’t loving their spouse in that moment that they cheat, feel me?