Hello All! So you are here, (thank you!) and you are probably wondering who I am, and just what do I have to say about relationships? Everything! I (Lisa Gore) have experienced many relationships from all ages and brain sizes.I am, or have been, a mother, daughter, lady friend, girlfriend, wife, grand-daughter, cousin, and sister/friend. I’ve learned a lot, and I’d love to pass on what I have learned. I’d also like to share how it has and will continue to affect me as I remain a part of people’s lives. Because you can never know it all, I look forward to hearing what your experiences are as well! I’m an Author, Public Speaker, Song Writer, and other things! (See links) I’m here to give, receive, share, and WRITE! I hope you enjoy reading and talking about THE RELATIONSHIP STUFF!

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black butterflyLisa Gore (114)

mother and son

African American Womanebook proverbs of lisa gore

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The Proverbs of Lisa Gore is a book that had to be created. Similar to the book of Proverbs in the Bible, I give advice and counsel to my son first and then to the world on many topics. Some of the topics include marriage, friendship, dating, careers, money, family, and more! There is poetry, riddles, snippets of wisdom and pictures to grab ahold of your attention and keep you engaged.


10 Years Married ~ 11 Years Tight

10 Years Married ~ 11 Years Tight

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  1. Inspirational!!!…<3….I LOVE THIS!!!

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